About Us


Jscholar scientific communications (OPC) Private limited, a modern and innovative publisher of scientific journals provides free access to research articles and latest research information without any barrier to scientific community. Jscholar publisher publishes peer-reviewed scholarly journals involving a wide range of academic disciplines. Publishing of journals is done through open access model that are available in online. All the journals from this organization will be freely distributed and the articles published by Jscholar follows creative common attribution license.

Jscholar is multidisciplinary open access publisher of manuscripts covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. Jscholar helps researchers or academicians to publish their work and makes it accessible to diverse readers from all parts of the world.

Jscholar Publishers, is dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering intellectual exploration through the publication of high-quality academic journals. Our commitment to excellence in scholarly communication has made us a trusted platform for researchers, scholars, and academics from around the world.

Jscholar Publishers, Established with a vision to facilitate the exchange of groundbreaking research, has been at the forefront of disseminating innovative ideas since 2013. With a strong emphasis on quality and integrity, we have built a reputation as a leading publisher in various disciplines, including Medical, Clinical, Engineering, Life Science. Our team of experienced editors and reviewers ensure that every publication meets the highest standards of academic rigor.

Jscholar Publishers offers a user-friendly manuscript submission and peer review system that makes the submission process easier for authors and editors. The system is designed to reduce the time it takes to review manuscripts and increase the speed of publication.


  • Diverse Range of Journals: We offer a wide array of journals spanning multiple disciplines, providing a platform for researchers to share their findings with relevant communities.
  • Peer Review Excellence: Rigorous peer review is the cornerstone of our publishing process. Our double-blind peer review system ensures impartial evaluation and maintains the quality and credibility of the research we publish.
  • Global Reach: Our journals attract submissions and readers from across the globe, fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Open Access and Subscription Options: We believe in making research accessible to all. Many of our journals offer open access options, while we also provide traditional subscription models for those who prefer them.
  • Author-Centric Approach: We understand the importance of authors in advancing scholarly discourse. Our author-centric approach provides support throughout the publication journey.