Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health (JDOH)

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Risk Factors and Comorbidities Associated with Complete Edentulism in Individuals Younger than Fifty Years of Age

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Tamara M Latif

Attitudes and Awareness toward Advanced Orthodontic Procedures and Characteristic of Orthodontic Practice in Saudi Arabia

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Mohammed Sami Ahmed

Comparison of the XP-Endo Finisher File System and Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation (PUI) on Smear Layer Removal after Root Canal Instrumentation
Effectiveness of Two Irrigation Methods on Smear Layer Removal

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Bertram Ivan Moldauer

Oral Hygiene Status among the Elderly in an Area with Limited Access to Dental Services in a Rural Kenyan Community

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Yoshihiko Hayashi

Trends in Endodontic Malpractice Claims and their Indemnity in Finland in the 2000s

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Miira M Vehkalahti

Influence of Tooth Brush Grips and Brushing Techniques on Plaque Removal Efficacy

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Khalid Jamal Alanazi

Siamese Tooth- An esthetic Conundrum

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Vijayendranath Nayak

Flexural Strength Evaluation of Immediate and Aged Repair of Provisional Restorative Materials

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Qiming Jin

Solitary Intraosseous Mandibular Neurofibroma: Clinical Case Study

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Kevin Fortier

Oral Hygiene Practice and Its Relation with Stress among the Adult Patient Visiting the National Guard Hospital and Military Hospital in Madinah

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Omar Ghulam

Dosimetrical Relationship between 3d Delineation and Oral Complications of Radiotherapy in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer

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Igor Henrique Morais Silva