Journal of Women's Health and Gynecology (JWHG)


Volume 6 Issue 3

Agreement Conform Current Operational Rules and Directives (ACCORD): A Novel Tool to Reach Multidisciplinary Consensus

Stéphanie Lemmens

Volume 6 Issue 4

Prevalence and Factors Associated with Violence against Women in Pakistan

Narjis Rizvi

Volume 1 Issue 1

Primary Omental Ectopic Pregnancy: A Rare Disease Not to be Missed

Beng Kwang Ng

Advances and Perspectives in the Treatment of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

xiangbing Meng

A Foreign Body Reaction to a Contraceptive Implant

Pooja R Patel

Volume 6 Issue 3

Weight Gain and Leptin Level in Normal and High BMI Pregnant Women

Najmeh Tehranian

Volume 1 Issue 2

Intravaginal Misoprostol for Treatment of First Trimester Incomplete Miscarriages: A Randomised Controlled Trial


Perceived Recurrence Risk and Health Behavior Change among Breast Cancer Survivors

Reeves KW

Volume 2 Issue 1

Bringing Colposcopy into Focus: A Multidisciplinary Curriculum for Residents

Veronica Lerner

An Alternative Treatment for the Ovarian Ectopic Pregnancy

Reesha Sanghani

Comparing the Effects of Tranexamic Acid and Medroxyprogestrone on Puerperal Bleeding

Firoozeh Veisi

Volume 6 Issue 3

Impact of a Low Cost, Non-Pharmacological Yogic Breathing Technique Intervention on General Women’s Health in India and UK: A Questionnaire-Based Study

S Seshadri

Volume 3 Issue 1

Psychosocial Determinants of Risky Sexual Behaviour by Gender in Spain

Marta Gil-Lacruz

Role of Vaginal DHA on Uterine Contractions in Patients at Low Risk for Preterm Birth

Locci Mariavittori

Diagnostic Accuracy of Saline-Contrast Sonohysterography Guided Biopsy versus Office Biopsy in Endometrial Pathology: an Interventional Study

Mohamad Al-Tannir

Adherence to the Single-Dose Methotrexate Protocol for the Management of Ectopic Pregnancy in an Inner City Population: A retrospective cohort and protocol analysis

Rachel K. Scott

Survival Analysis of Women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer Using EMRLinked Cancer Registry Data in Florida

Hong Xiao

Volume 4 Issue 1

A Functionality and Acceptability Study of Wireless Maternal Vital Sign Monitor in a Tertiary University Teaching Hospital in Rural Uganda

Joseph Ngonzi

The Risk of Teenage Motherhood Decreases in A Dose Response Fashion With Increasing SES: A Population-Based Study From British Columbia, Canada

Jenny Fairthorne

Volume 4 Issue 2

Condom Knowledge and Negotiation in Women Living with and without Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Rachel K. Scott

Impact of Body Mass Index on Prognosis for Breast Cancer Patients

Fei Tan

Physicians Perceptions of the Processes, Barriers and Strategies in the Care of Obstetric Complications

Elsa M. Rodríguez

Volume 5 Issue 1

An Audit on the Outcomes of the Assessment of Post-Coital Bleeding at Colposcopy at Wellington Hospital in 2012-2013

Leigh Searle

Caring for BRCA Carriers: Strategies to Promote Health and Preserve Fertility

Nola S. Herlihy

Postnatal Care Utilization and Its Determinants in Loma District, Southwest Ethiopia: A Community Based Cross Sectional Study

Teklemariam Ergat Yarinbab

Changes in the Use of Contraceptive Methods and Their Correlation with Induced Abortion Rates in Spain between 2007 and 2016

Inaki Lete

Volume 5 Issue 2

Evaluation of Birth Trauma Associated with Locomotor System Injury

Mehmet Sabri Balık

Volume 6 Issue 1

Local Vs Systemic Antifungal Treatment of Yeast Vaginitis: Comparison of Time to Symptomatic Relief

Nancy Phillips

Stress Urinary Incontinence Surgery with Mini Sling Just-Swing System: Our Office Experience

Ana Ribeiro

Deep Dyspareunia: Is It an Unusual Manifestation of Lithopedion?

Ndinga Hg

The Uterine Artery Pseudoaneurysm- A Challenging Diagnosis in Secondary PPH After Caesarean Section- Case Report and Literature Review

Manuela Heim

Emerging Role of Gynecologic Oncologist as BRCA Mutation Counselor for Breast Cancer Patients

Min Kyu Kim

The Urethrovaginal Gland, Amrita & Amritasis: Cultural and Medical Background

Vincent M. Riccardi

Volume 6 Issue 2

Depot Medroxyprogesterone in Renal Transplanted Women: A Case Series

Luis Felipe Barreiras Carbone

Antenatal Psychosocial Assessment and Depression Screening: What Are the Views of Women Delivering in The Private Sector?

Tanya Connell

Chronic Pain Syndrome of Women

Mary Smith

Is There Any Association Between the Angiogenic Factors Sflt-1 / Plgf And Intrauterine Growth Restriction in Patients with Preeclamsia?

Ammar Al Naimi

Volume 6 Issue 3

Premenstrual Syndrome- Prevalence, Severity and Effect on Academic Performance: A Comparative Study Between Students of Medicine and Literature

Abeer Allihabi

Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy with Subcortical Infarcts and Leukoencephalopathy (Cadasil) in Pregnancy

Manuela Heim

Volume 6 Issue 4

Large Prolapsing Uterine Fibroid and Severe Anemia in a Teenager: A Case Report

Melanie Evans