Journal of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (JNSM)

Current Issue

Smart Materials from Nanotechnology for Global Challenges.

Gianfranco Pacchioni

Nanotechnology and Smart Materials for “More than Moore” – It’s a Small World After All!

Jeong Bong Lee

Biomass-based Nanocomposites and Mesoporous Materials

Tae Jin Kim

Evaluation of Physicochemical Characteristics of Hydrophobically Modified Glycol Chitosan Nanoparticles and their Biocompatibility in Murine Osteosarcoma and Osteoblast-Like Cells

Yizhi Meng

Influence of Temperature on Calcium Carbonate Polymorph formed from Ammonium Carbonate and Calcium Acetate

Charles A Weiss, Jr.

Recent Advances in Nanotubes for Orthopedic Implants

Reza Shahbazian-Yassar

Synthesis of Porous Si/SiO2/C Particles as Anode Materials of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Deren Yang

Tuning of WO3 Phase Transformation and Structural Modification by Reactive Spray Deposition Technology

Rishabh Jain

Energy-Efficient Applications using Surfaces with Special Wettabilities

Wonjae Choi

Recent Progress Toward Surface Modification of Bone/Dental Implants with Titanium and Zirconia Dioxide Nanotubes

Tolou Shokuhfar

Potential and Automotive Applications of Nanomaterials in Combating Cancer and Stem cell Therapy: An Informative Overview on Nanotherapeutics

Kirti Rani

Water-Soluble C60-(OH)24 Fullerene Hydroxide Protects against the Catabolic Stress-Induce Downregulation of Chondrocyte Activity in Osteoarthritis

Yudoh K

Nanoplasmonics and its Applied Devices

Mahfuzur Rahman

Recording and processing of Brain waves using Nanotechnology

Jaydeep Bhadra

The Effect of the MRET Wave Rider Device on Cerebral Blood Flow and the Blood Brain Barrier: A Case Study

Smirnov IV