Journal of Forensic Research and Crime Studies (JFRCS)


Volume 1 Issue 1

Till Death Do Us Part?

Mary Noe

Cold Case Homicide with Paternity as an Investigative Lead (People of State of New York v. Robert Symonds, Jr.)

Heather Miller Coyle

Acknowledging Existence of a Fourth Era of Policing: The Information Era

Michael K Hooper

Volume 1 Issue 2

Development of a Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RTPCR) Assay for Plant Species

Heather Miller Coyle

An Experimental Study to Quantify Error Rates Resulting from Measurement Deviation in Area of Origin Reconstructions of Blunt Force Impact Patterns

Mark W. Davison

The Dilemma and Debate Over Confession Evidence Strategies

Jason K Jensen

Volume 3 Issue 1

Fast Detection of Recent Cannabis Sativa L. Consumption in Exhaled Breath Us- ing a Mobile Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Wolfgang Vautz

Volume 2 Issue 1

A Comparative Study of Different Printed Documents to Estimate the Type of Printer Used

Sharma BK

Volume 3 Issue 1

Baffling Law, Wobbling Justice: A Strong Argument for Doctrine of Increment Punishment - Aruna Shanbag Case in Point

Munawwar Husain