Journal of Food and Nutrition (JFN)


Volume 1 Issue 1

Heat-Stabilized Defatted Rice Bran (HDRB) as an Alternative Growth Medium for Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Navam S. Hettiarachchy

Volume 1 Issue 2

Ecoimmunonutrition: Contemporary Approaches to Optimal Nutrition

Vetvicka V

Effects of Germination on Nutrient Composition of Long Grain Rice and its Protein Physico-Chemical and Functional Properties

Navam Hettiarachchy

Conditionally Essential Nutrients: The State of the Science

Laurie K Mischley

Curbing the Obesity Epidemic: Understanding Latinos’ Challenges to Healthy Eating in the United States

Viladrich A

Volume 2 Issue 1

Assessment of Nutritional Supplements Prescribed in Pregnant Women and Pediatric Patients in Basaveshwara Teaching and General Hospital

Kalyani B Biradar

Volume 3 Issue 1

The Effects of Tartrazine in Allium Cepa L

Lerda D

Classic and Modern Agricultural Treaties: its Reception in the Hispanic World

Elio Velez Marquina

Volume 4 Issue 1

Antifungal Evaluation of Brazil nut (bertholletiaexcelsa) Oil on the Growth of a. parasiticus

Thaiana Marinha de Almeida Sousa

Preparation and Improved Quality Production of Flour and the Made Biscuits from Purple Sweet Potato

Nguyen Van Toan

Implementation of a Worksite Based 9-Week Micronutrient Dense Nutrition Intervention on Measures of Well-Being in a Cohort of Employees

Jay Sutliffe

Evaluation of The Efficacy of a Dietary Supplement in Alleviating Symptoms in Dogs with Osteoarthritis

Elisa Martello

Volume 5 Issue 1

Effect of sago consumption on NCDs clinical sign among who consuming sago in Kepulauan Meranti District, Riau Province, Indonesia


Investigation and Measurement of Some Mineral and Vitamins in Eggplant Fruit Calyx, and the Possibility of Being Used As Food Supplements and Alternative Medicine

Khuloud Al Nachar