Journal of Food and Nutrition (JFN)


Volume 1 Issue 1

Heat-Stabilized Defatted Rice Bran (HDRB) as an Alternative Growth Medium for Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Navam S. Hettiarachchy

Volume 1 Issue 2

Ecoimmunonutrition: Contemporary Approaches to Optimal Nutrition

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Vetvicka V

Effects of Germination on Nutrient Composition of Long Grain Rice and its Protein Physico-Chemical and Functional Properties

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Navam Hettiarachchy

Conditionally Essential Nutrients: The State of the Science

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Laurie K Mischley

Curbing the Obesity Epidemic: Understanding Latinos’ Challenges to Healthy Eating in the United States

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Viladrich A

Volume 2 Issue 1

Assessment of Nutritional Supplements Prescribed in Pregnant Women and Pediatric Patients in Basaveshwara Teaching and General Hospital

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Kalyani B Biradar

Volume 3 Issue 1

The Effects of Tartrazine in Allium Cepa L

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Lerda D

Classic and Modern Agricultural Treaties: its Reception in the Hispanic World

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Elio Velez Marquina

Volume 4 Issue 1

Antifungal Evaluation of Brazil nut (bertholletiaexcelsa) Oil on the Growth of a. parasiticus

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Thaiana Marinha de Almeida Sousa

Preparation and Improved Quality Production of Flour and the Made Biscuits from Purple Sweet Potato

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Nguyen Van Toan

Implementation of a Worksite Based 9-Week Micronutrient Dense Nutrition Intervention on Measures of Well-Being in a Cohort of Employees

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Jay Sutliffe

Evaluation of The Efficacy of a Dietary Supplement in Alleviating Symptoms in Dogs with Osteoarthritis

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Elisa Martello

Volume 5 Issue 1

Effect of sago consumption on NCDs clinical sign among who consuming sago in Kepulauan Meranti District, Riau Province, Indonesia

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