Journal of Neurophysiology and Neurological Disorders (JNND)

ISSN No: 2375-2491


Abdulrahman AlTahan

King Saud University
Saudi Arabia
Tel: 9661-2994898


Graduated from Damascus university and trained in neurology at the National Hospital for neurological and neurosurgical diseases and Charing-Cross Hospital, U.K. from 1983-1987. He joined the college of medicine at King Saud University (KSU), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as faculty staff and participated in under-graduate teaching and neurology training through KSU fellowship program, and later through Saudi Neurology fellowship program. He joined the neurology committee of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties since 1995, and was the director of this committee until 2010. Meanwhile, he attained FRCP (London) and FAAN. He directed the neurology division at the college of medicine and participated in many of the college and medical department committees. He served as the president of neuroscience group in Riyadh, and was treasurer for the Pan Arab Union for Neurological Societies and served till 2012 as the Saudi delegate to the World Federation of Neurology. He wrote and participated in more than 50 publications in different fields of Neurology, which included describing a novel extra-pyramidal disorder, classified recently as type 3 Huntington-like diseases. I translated a book “Nerve and Muscle” to Arabic (published by KSU on 2000). He also served in the editorial boards of many local medical journals, and was involved also as a reviewer. Currently after retirement from KSU early 2011, has part-time clinical work at Dalla general hospital, in Riyadh, and is involved in research and review activities as well as part-time teaching. Also involved in national Multiple sclerosis group, stroke society and is member of the board of the recently created Saudi Neurological Society.

Research Interest

Multiple Sclerosis, Peripheral Neuropathy, and Extrapyramidal disorders